My artwork at one time could have been considered naïve in its unaided creation and honesty.  It is with that honesty, spirit, and vision that I strive to continue to make my work in the present, and that which uniquely defines me as an artist. The work is an attempt to symbolically understand and explore specific past experiences and their effect on my life. The charcoal drawings and oil paintings use the landscape and industrial form to symbolically represent the body, emotions, and specific times in my current life or past history. The work has explored themes of control, the illusion of invincibility, the new normalcy, balance, confusion, communication, neural pathways, and the mysteries of the brain. Since I am accepting of the uncertainty of complete understanding of those experiences, I am able to explore the subject in my art with relative freedom.  Although I am ultimately the subject of my work, because of my unique position and the knowledge acquired from the experiences, I can separate myself from the art and at the same time be inside the exploration. I have a sense of urgency in my art making with the conscious understanding that we only have a limited time to make a mark and leave a mark.